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Every student-athlete looks forward to the day they will receive a varsity jacket. When it comes to letterman jackets, someone needs to do the varsity jacket embroidery. If you’re in the Lancaster, OH region, leave the varsity coat embroidery to LSG. We have decades of experience embroidering varsity jackets and other sports apparel for our local teams.

We have all the right colors and styles to match what our community wants for varsity jackets. From the band kids to the football stars to the volleyball players, we’ve been giving our local athletes their varsity letter jackets for over twenty years. We know what these jackets mean and how important they are to our players. That’s why we take extra care to make the embroidery on these jackets as high-quality and good-looking as possible.

Varsity Jacket Embroidery in Lancaster, OH

Honor To Wear

We know a varsity jacket is more than a jacket. It’s an honor to wear, a sign that someone has worked hard and played hard on and off the field or the court. When our youngsters earn the right to wear a varsity jacket, it’s because they put in the time and dedication to get to that point in their athletic career. We also know that these jackets will be worn and cherished well beyond their time in the halls of high school. Letterman jackets frequently get passed down from generation to generation. As a result, the custom embroidery and stitching on these coats needs to hold up to decades of wear, tear, and weathering.

Additionally, these jackets need to match the color scheme of other students’ jackets. While a couple of shades of difference between colors might not seem like a lot, it can make the difference between a jacket looking like the rest of the local ones or appearing to be a cheap imitation of the rest. We take our job of matching local styles, trends, and color palettes seriously. Part of our work is ensuring that our varsity jackets meet the same standards and look as good as the other varsity jackets in the area.

Varsity Jacket Embroidery in Lancaster

Contact Us

For the student-athletes and other recipients of varsity jackets in your life, we’re happy to help keep this tradition alive. We are proud of the “hometown heroes” who give it everything they have on the courts, fields, and more. If you need a varsity jacket for a student in your life, contact us at (740) 756-7477 or send us an email at to get started.

Varsity Coats for Area Schools

Other Schools Available

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Canal Winchester
Pickerington Central
Pickerington North

Fairfield Union
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Liberty Union
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Fairfield Christian
Groveport Madison
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Berne Union

Product Description

24 inch Melton Wool
Quilt Lining
Leather Sleeves

Standard Snap Closure
Knit Cuffs & Waist

Serving You for Over 20 Years!